My Gal Patsy

This 90 minute show will take you on a country music journey in to what a night at a Patsy Cline concert would have been like and you won’t want to miss one second of this trip!

With Patsy’s early hit songs like, “Walkin After Midnight”, “Lovesick Blues” and “There He Goes” through her final hit recordings of “Crazy”, “Leavin on Your Mind” and “Sweet Dreams”.
Josie’s performance and vocal capturing of over 20 Patsy Cline signature hit songs is sure to leave you feeling like you just witnessed a true Patsy Cline concert.

MGP 2016 tony cee


This is a perfect show for a fundraiser, a theater/dinner theater, an auditorium, or any venue that has a *stage with a dressing room!

*(stage must be able to accommodate a 6 piece band)

For more information or a promo package please contact our booking agent

We look forward to speaking with you soon!!